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Chimney — Roof Repair in Fort Wayne, IN
Schmucker Chimney

Chimney Flashings

On masonry chimneys, our roof experts will install new counter flashings if necessary or reuse existing flashings if in good condition. All other chimney types will have their flashings reused if installed correctly in the first place.


We use a 24-inch wide 26 gauge painted W-style metal valley that really dresses up a house and is superior to other types of valley systems. If you do not like the look of a metal valley we will use the roofing material in a no-cut method that also works, but is inferior to the metal.


When installing new skylights, our company installs Velux™ brand skylights and although we work with all major brands, our company trusts Velux™ to weather the storm. We can also reuse your existing curb-mounted skylights if they are in good condition.

Ice & Water Shield

An adhesive membrane that is used to meet code and is installed at the eave edge to prevent ice and water back up in the winter months. It is also used in other applications such as low-slope sections of roof, around skylights, or any other problematic areas that may be susceptible to ice build up.

Roof Vents and Pipe Flashing

With conventional attic ventilation applications we use the standard aluminum slant-back louvered roof vent. This is the most common type of vent used. If you are looking to increase ventilation air flow or have a cathedral ceiling, then our roof professionals will install a durable vinyl ridge vent which has the standard ridge-cap fastened on top to conceal this vent. For the ultimate in ventilation air flow a metal domed powered roof vent can be installed. We install new pipe flashings around the plumbing vents that protrude through the roof.
Valley — Roof Repair in Fort Wayne, IN
Schmucker Valley

Metal Exhaust Stacks and Hoods

Our professionals reuse and paint metal roof protrusions as needed. We use a protective paint, like Rust-Oleum™, that will match your roof's color.


Our company uses Alcoa™ seamless gutter and downspouts with a wide variety of colors to choose from. Our installation experts use rivets instead of protruding screws with each connection. Protruding screws are dangerous when cleaning your gutters and they create a point for leaf debris to attach itself to in forming clogs in gutter drains and downspouts. Our service techs use a strip miter when forming a corner instead of the problematic box miters that are leak prone and unattractive. We also offer gutter guards that set on top of your gutter and are virtually hidden from sight. These guards prevent leaves and debris from clogging up your gutters, which means less gutter maintenance for you.
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